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 Bloody Neighbour

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PostSubject: Bloody Neighbour   Wed Jan 21, 2009 1:02 am

My neighbour next door is a single man in his late 30's he is a bit of a biker and hes generally all right but ever so often he plays his guitar loud late at night at first he only did it every month or so for about half an hour so we wernt to bothered, but the other month he played it from 9pm till 3am, my dh went round but he didnt answer the door as his guitar was that loud he couldnt hear the door, i had had enough by then it wasnt bothering my older 2 but Sofia my youngest just couldnt settle due to the noise so leaving her with dh i went round he still couldnt hear me knocking but the neighbour on the other side of me came out saying she could hear it too, so i called the police, who told me it was the blokes house he could do what he wanted in it even though it was 3am and playing loud music they said it was up to enviromental health(who surprise surprise are open 9am to 5pm) so i kind of lost it then Embarassed and was determined to bang on his door until he answered, i finally managed to bang during a lull in the music and he hear came downstairs and started having a go at me well i blew and had a full rant this ended with him saying sorry(he was toatally drunk) and that was that i could finally go to sleep he even wrote a sorry card so i thought that was the end but on friday he did it again and last night as well, so its just getting worse just dont know what to do Crying or Very sad
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Bloody Neighbour
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